Accomplished activities for the first project year (based on WPs)


✔ Conduct feasibility study/situational analysis for the introduction of quality assurance practices in teacher education: needs for future development

✔ Conduct feasibility study/situation analysis on the current practices of teacher education in light of the intended teacher professionalism


✔ Developing indicators on quality assurance in initial teacher education

✔ (In progress) Develop quality review tools for collecting feedback from external stakeholders and tools for self-assessment (published as manual)

✔ (Planning phase) Capacity building for management of internal quality assurance system in initial teacher education

✔ (In progress) Purchasing modern technology and textbooks for modelling quality delivery of teacher education courses


✔ Design project monitoring and evaluation tools

✔ (Ongoing) Monitoring project plan implementation


✔ Project launching conference

✔ Publishing project brochures and leaflets

✔ (Ongoing) Developing and maintaining a project web page and FB page

✔ (Planning phase) Publishing annual teacher magazine

✔ (Planning phase) Organizing an annual stakeholder workshop to disseminate project activities and outputs


✔ (Continuous) Project Coordination Steering Committee meeting

✔ (Continuous) Routine project management