June 03, 2020

Within the activity of situational analysis in current provision of teacher education programming in Kosovo, QATEK project organized a workshop on June 3 with all project partners in order to review the progress towards situation analysis reports. A presentation of the draft report was done by Eve Eisenschmidt from the Tallin University and Blerta Perolli Shehu from the University of Prishtina's Faculty of Education. The analysis was done based on the analysis of the teacher education curricula and the reflections of teacher educators in the Faculties of Education in Prishtina, Gjilan, Gjakova and Mitrovica. 

The analysis was done based on reference points at European level as well as national teacher education policies to see in what ways the teacher education programs in Kosovo respond to the various competencies determined for the teaching profession. The initial findings suggested that the programs in place as currently written and implemented are predominantly oriented towards knowledge and understanding dimensions whereas there is less focus on skills development. Furthermore, the dimension of values and attitudes that are needed for prospective teachers seem to be overshadowed by the knowledge and skills orientation, with a more dominating trend at understanding level. The next step is to engage teacher educators and students in focus groups to understand the way they experience the implementation of the programs.

The situation analysis will provide a basis for planning and implementing the intervention activities to help Kosovo reform the implementation of teacher education programs to make it more practice-based and in response to the demanded professionalism.

Photos of the event: