QATEK holds meeting on outlining the capacity building needs for teacher education

The project coordinator of the QATEK Project held an online meeting with the representatives of the European Union universities in the project, namely University of Tallin, University of LUMSA and University of Ljubljana, on September 4 2020 with the focus on initiating discussions on the capacity building needs for the teacher educators at the Faculties of Education in Prishtina, Gjilan, Mitrovica and Gjakova. The discussion was focused on the general needs and areas that need to be covered as well as the development of an online survey with the beneficiary target group to understand their challenges in their daily professional practice. Following this, a program will be outlined and plans will be developed for a more detailed implementation of the professional development activities for teacher educators in Kosovo. In addition, the project team has also reviewed the project plan activities and outlined some details for follow up activities and meetings.